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Powder Coating Equipment

We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing powder coating equipment.

Get the package that perfectly fits your needs. Our equipment packages feature our most popular models for the most common applications.

We’ll gladly beat all competitors’ pricing on comparable powder coating equipment AND we’ll provide you with the highest level of support available!

Wheels Powder Coating Package
Motorcycle Powder Coating Equipment
Powder Coating Equipment
Auto Powder Coating Equipment

The Wheel Wizard is our smallest powder coating equipment package. It’s designed for shops looking to add entry-level powder coating capabilities to their business. The Wheel Wizard is perfect for powder coating rims, cycle parts, fishing lures, firearm accessories, engine components, and a variety of small parts.

The Adrenaline package is the next step up, and is intended for use with motorcycle frames, bumpers, large and small car/truck/cycle parts, and all kinds of ATV parts and accessories. Also works well for large batches of small parts and low-volume production facilities working with mid-sized products.

The Job Shop is a package designed for businesses that want to specialize in small to mid-size job shop projects, including outdoor furniture, signs, displays, and prototypes from local manufacturers. This package gives you great versatility for everything from one-off projects to large batch orders.

The Auto-Customizer offers everything you need to powder coat cars, trucks and automotive accessories. This package works great for race teams, body shops, auto accessory manufacturers, race tracks, auto customizers, monster truck builders, off-road equipment installers, and car/truck repair businesses that need to powder coat parts, full-size frames and related automotive accessories.

Fences Powder Coating Equipment

The Industry Standard is just that: a large, efficient, powerful equipment system capable of handling all kinds of jobs. Sized for shops that need to coat longer parts: fences, handrails, ornamental iron, and similar large-scale items. This package also works great for manufacturers requiring lots of throughput or the room to do jumbo batch jobs.

Large Powder Coating Equipment

The Coating Entrepreneur is for those of you who truly want to dominate your local powder coating market. This extra-large powder coating system allows you to coat just about anything: buses, handrails, fences, playground equipment, lawn furniture, cars, trucks – or lots and lots of small parts. This package is best for large job shops, high-volume manufacturers and existing companies looking to bring their powder coating work in-house.

Start A Powder Coating Business With True Professional Equipment

All of our powder coating equipment packages feature brand-new, professional quality equipment. Unlike some websites, we NEVER sell used equipment or garage-built hobbyist products. Our powder coating ovens and spray booths are made of prime US steel and premium brand-name components. We back everything we provide with the best support in the industry. What you WON’T get is screw-together junk that is unsafe or poorly made. You don’t have to worry when you buy from us – we provide equipment from established national-level manufacturers. Our packages work right and meet code requirements. Like our prices, our customer service is unbeatable. No matter what size powder coating equipment package you buy, we will support you down the road.

Choose the powder coating equipment that’s right for you!

Simply pick the package that’s the best fit for you. And if you have questions, please (please!) contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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