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Batch Powder Coating System – The Industry Standard Package

Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

Easily coat full sections of ornamental iron and traditional fencing, hand rails, mailbox posts, catwalks, treated mild steel stock, hurricane shutters, staircases and related large scale products for industrial, governmental, medical and hospitality industry customers. Also coat car and truck frames, rims and any assortment of small-to-large parts. With plenty of interior space to fit many of the most common powder coated items, the potential income with this batch powder coating system is high – increase your  powder coating business income by $10,000 – $13,000 per month.

The Industry Standard – A Batch Powder Coating System Designed For Professionals

This powder coating system is specifically sized for shops that need to coat fences, handrails, ornamental iron, and similar large-scale items. This package also works great for manufacturers requiring lots of throughput or the room to do jumbo batch jobs.

The Industry Standard Package Includes:

  • 8’H x 8’W x 20’D Powder Coating Oven (Available in Natural Gas or Propane Configurations)

  • 8’H x 10’W x 20’D Powder Spray Enclosure With HEPA Filtration

  • Wagner Prima Sprint-X Box-Fed Powder Gun

Need custom equipment? We have an extensive catalog of powder coating ovens, spray booths, wash stations, and blast rooms – and if you need a specific solution or automated line, we offer custom manufacturing and design services to help get your operation running quickly.

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