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How To Choose The Right Powder Coating Equipment

Which Powder Coating Equipment Package Is Right For Me?

When choosing a powder coating equipment system for your business, keep these three pieces of advice in mind:

  1. Always buy a system large enough to coat what you need

  2. Don’t cut corners on your booth and oven

  3. Always use a professional powder coating gun

The Bigger Your Powder Coating System Is, The More Business You Can Take

Before deciding on your new equipment, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How large is the largest part I will powder coat?

  2. How many parts do I need to coat per day?

  3. How many colors will I be spraying?

  4. How much space do I have for new machinery?

We’ve done countless hours of follow-up with our customers and they all say the same thing: “I wish I’d gotten a bigger system.” You can always do small parts in a big system, but if a part won’t fit in your oven, that job – and the money – go elsewhere. And if you are manufacturing your own parts, you don’t want to build parts you can’t fit in your own powder coating equipment.

Remember: Even if all you do is small parts, a larger system can double or triple your production capacity.


If you only need to coat a few small parts every day (whether that’s for rims for your automotive repair shop, manufacturing prototypes, or motorcycles and ATVs) we recommend our Wheel Wizard or Adrenaline package. These packages have a smaller equipment footprint and can accommodate a number of small batches every day.

Q: Why Buy A Powder Spray Booth Larger Than The Oven?

It’s best to have extra width and/or length in your spray booth so your coating operator can get around the parts easily.

If you will primarily be working with car frames, lawn furniture, large batches of small parts, or would like to open a powder coating job shop, we recommend our Job Shop or Auto-Customizer package. Both these professional packages are sized for serious throughput while still saving you some floorspace.

For those of you who have real powder coating needs – handrails, fences, large batches for production – the Industry Standard and the Coating Entrepreneur are large industrial systems designed for maximum efficiency. The Industry Standard will let you coat nearly everything your local customers might need, while the Coating Entrepreneur is sized for maximum capacity. If outsourced coating is costing you a fortune, then these packages can turn your expenditure into a real money making enterprise.

All our powder coating ovens and spray booths use a modular design, so down the road you can increase the size of your system. Still, before you buy, make sure you have a good idea of the largest part you’ll need to powder coat and get a powder coating oven and spray booth to fit.

Starting a Powder Coating Business?

Read This Before You Buy Anything

No matter where you want to start your powder coating business, there are codes and regulations your equipment has to meet before your code inspector will let you operate the machinery. All of our equipment – powder coating ovens, powder spray booths, powder spray guns –meet those national level codes. Hobby systems don’t. So what does that mean for you? It can mean fines, delays, lost days of work – a lot of hassle and a lot of wasted money.

Q: Why Is A Constant Oven Temperature Important

Powder requires a constant, consistent temperature to cure properly. If part of your oven is cold, then the powder won’t adhere or won’t coat at all. If the oven is too hot, then the powder can overcook, burning it or making it brittle. For the best looking and strongest finish, you’ll need an oven that can provide a constant temperature throughout. (Hint: Ours do.)

If you are serious about starting a powder coating business, then your equipment has to consistently produce a quality finish that your customers are happy with. A hobby system or worn-out used equipment package won’t produce quality results.  A used system may not have a consistent temperature throughout the oven (a must), and may take forever to get to temperature. Worse, it may not even start at all. What will your customers do if your finish is poor or their parts are late? They’ll take their business somewhere else.

Why worry? Get powder coating equipment that works right every time

Our powder coating ovens and spray booths meet national codes. Our equipment is built in the US using top-of-the line components. If there ever is a problem, we’ll help you through it, with one of the most experienced support staffs in the powder coating industry.

If You Are In Business For Yourself, Always Use a Professional Powder Gun

Lots of people want to save money when buying their equipment, but buying a cheap gun can come back to haunt you. Powder coating is applied by charging the powder so it will stick to the part before you cure it. If your gun doesn’t work, you can’t coat. If you can’t powder coat, you can’t make money.

We hope you buy from us – but no matter who you buy from, make sure you get a true professional powder coating spray gun. Don’t spend a few hundred dollars on a hobby-level gun that will only work for a week or two. Don’t get stuck with a no-name gun you can’t get serviced. Buy a name-brand gun from an established company. Any powder spray gun from Wagner, Nordson or Gema works well – and if something goes wrong, you can get replacement parts quickly.

Every Package We Sell Comes With A Professional Powder Gun

When buying from us, you won’t have to worry – all of our powder spray guns are provided by Wagner, one of the most reputable and service-oriented companies on the market.

Let Us Help You Choose The Right System For You

We’ve already done most of the homework for you with our powder coating equipment packages. Using our most popular sizes for the most common items, you can get your business started quickly. However, if you don’t see the size you need, just ask us. We have hundreds of products sizes available, including wash stations, blast rooms, pretreatment stations and automated finishing lines. And if you need a custom-sized solution, we can provide that for you too. Choose the right powder coating equipment for your business with

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