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Start A Powder Coating Business

We know the demand for powder coating is strong, and that demand is getting stronger every day. Everyone is choosing to refinish instead of replace – government contractors, manufacturing firms, medical equipment providers, restaurants and hospitality industries. Car, truck and bike owners invest in fixing up their rides instead of buying new ones – which means more money for your powder coating business!

Powder coating shops stay busy all the time. More manufacturers and job shops need powder coating for their products than ever before. Demand is growing every day as new companies need powder coating for the first time. And your retail customers need powder coating – whether it’s to fix up their lawn furniture, get their rims powder coated, or refinish their hot rods, choppers and ATV’s.

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Typical Potential Earnings For Your Powder Coating Business

Powder Coating Graph

The chart(*) shows the potential income a new powder coating business can earn using one of our equipment packages. The larger the package the more work you can do and the more money you can make. We based these numbers on you selling enough work to keep your equipment running for about 40 hours a week.

And no, that isn’t a mistake: it is potential monthly income, not annual.

* We have to put this here – These are estimates only and may or may not represent the results you can expect. Our estimates are based on market data from 2005 to the present, analysis of numerous finishing trends, the experiences of our in-house experts, and hundreds of conversations with real powder coating businesses. The demand is lower in some areas – in some areas, it is much higher than the chart shows.

Bring Your Powder Coating In-House

For those of you looking to bring your powder coating in-house, having you own powder coating equipment can save you significant money and hassle. If you are spending more than $10,000 a year to powder coat your products, your equipment will pay for itself fast. It will also give you control over the quality of the finish and when the parts get coated – meaning you won’t be disappointed with bad results and you won’t be waiting on your products.

Why Powder Coating Is Just Plain Better

There are plenty of reasons to get into powder coating right now, but here are the best:

  • The Finish Lasts – Powder coated items have a longer lasting, more durable finish. If you want your parts to look good for years, powder coat them.

  • Easy To Apply – Even new powder coaters can get great results.

  • Costs Less With Less Waste – Typically, powder coating is cheaper than other forms of finishing (like wet paint) and has less waste due to overspray.

  • Better For You and The Environment – Powder coating is a safe and clean way to finish your parts, and doesn’t pollute your shop space like wet paint.

  • Fewer Hassles – Because powder coating is safer and easier than wet paint, there are fewer government-imposed limitations to what you can do.

  • People Want It – This is the best reason to start a powder coating business right now: the demand is high. Everyone wants it!  Powder coating is used everywhere — from hand rails to car parts to playground equipment — and there aren’t enough powder coating shops to meet the demand.

Start a powder coating business with equipment that’s right for you!

Simply pick the package that’s the best fit for your application. And if you have questions, please (please!) contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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