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General Purpose Powder Coating Equipment – The Job Shop

Powder Coating Equipment

The Job Shop Powder Coating System

If you need general purpose powder coating equipment, The Job Shop package is a mid-sized powder coating system designed for businesses that want to specialize in small to medium job shop projects. Start powder coating outdoor furniture, signs, displays, and prototypes from local manufacturers, or do large batches of wheels, rims, and other small parts. This package gives you great versatility for everything from one-off projects to large batch orders.

The Job Shop Package Includes

  • 6’H x 6’W x 10’D Powder Coating Oven (Available in Natural Gas or Propane Configurations)

  • 8’H x 8’W x 10’D Powder Spray Enclosure With HEPA Filtration

  • Wagner Prima-Sprint-X Box-Fed Powder Gun

Need custom equipment? We have an extensive catalog of powder coating ovens, spray booths, wash stations, and blast rooms – and if you need a specific solution or automated line, we offer custom manufacturing and design services to help get your operation running quickly.

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